Welcome to our blog “Always Tarifa”. We have created it to tell you what happens in Tarifa (some things only stay in Tarifa …), the history of our t-shirts and to present the models that interpret our stories on our instagram page @alwaystarifa.

Our first story #AlwaysTarifaStories is interpreted by the beautiful Sofjia. We never remember if she is from Estonia or Lithuania … lol but Sofjia does not take it badly, she is sweet, charming and a Tarifa lover.

Always Tarifa: Sofjia, tell us a bit how you landed in the Strait of Gibraltar?

Sofjia: I moved here 4 years ago because it appealed so romantic to live on the southern most place in Europe. Soon after I found a job in Gibraltar but my soul belongs to Tarifa.

Always Tarifa: Sofjia, what did strike the most your attention about Always Tarifa Project?

Sofjia: What strikes my attention about Always Tarifa Project is that people who created it managed to convert Tarifa vibe into a T-shirt design. It’s quite unique.

Always Tarifa: What is your favorite shirt?

Sofjia: My favourite tee is the one with the wave in the shoulder, it represents the spirit of freedom and surfer lifestyle, plus it´s very cheeky!

Always Tarifa: what is your preferred way to dress it up?

Sofjia: Do you have to wear it with something? LOL

We thank you very much for your spontaneity and creativity in the photo sessions. We love your first story Sofjia and we are already thinking about the next one!