Hi! These weeks have been very exciting for us; we have finally launched our website and our social media facebook https://es-es.facebook.com/alwaystarifa/ & instagram @alwaystarifa .

Our project was born more than a year ago while we were having a few drinks and we started doing a brainstorming. The most challenging thing was to move from “concept” to “reality”, to concretize everything we had in our minds. Among our ideas was included “the Chronicles of Tarifa”, a saga that we wrote last summer during some holidays. The Chronicles begin in 1997. Do you remember this time? The mythical time of Tarifa, its beginnings… People come and go.. Loves come and go.. The wind comes and goes..


The language of the Chronicles is crude, spontaneous, without any literary pretension. The characters are fictitious however they are inspired by many stories that we have heard, lived or wanted to live.. We have already launched our first episode with the arrival of Martina to Tarifa to work in a store during the summer season. We hope you will enjoy the adventures of Martina and our other characters.. We deliver 5 episodes, one each month. The format of each delivery is in pdf in order to create a mini book at the end of the season.

To receive them you just have to click on this link https://www.alwaystarifa.com/enjoy-tarifas-saga/

We wish you a fun reading, see you soon!